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Natural and high quality CBD Oil to help alleviate everyday stressors and live with a healthy body and healthy mind. 


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Australia and NZ


Certified Organic

100% Vegan & GF


THC Free

Third Party Lab Tested​

Good for the planet, good for your soul

CBD Oil is a cannabinoid found in hemp plants and is known to help us cope with everyday stressors to the body with numerous studies showing improvement with depression, anxiety, pain, seizures, and insomnia. Our CBD is high quality, organic, and without tetrahydrocannabinol allowing high doses without grogginess.

Have the peace of mind and let mother nature heal your body, mind, and soul.

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Has dramatically helped me improve energy and focus during the day and switch off for the evening! I wouldn't miss a day without CBD oil now!

Sarah, Australia

Which CBD Oil is best for me?

1000mg CBD Oil

Lower Level

Mental Clarity, Mood, Focus, Sleep.

2000mg cbd oil

Mid Level

Clarity, Mood, Focus, Sleep, Aches and Pains

3000mg cbd oil

Mid Level

Higher strength support

5000mg cbd oil

High Level

Highest strength for chronic symptoms

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About My Soul Remedy

Our range of highly effective CBD Oil products can help you regain your health and happiness – just like they did ours. Our mission to bring relief to people’s body’s and souls comes from our own experiences with trying CBD oil. We searched long and hard for a natural remedy to help with professional sporting injuries causing long term pain, and energy for our busy lifestyles. More and more scientific studies show the incredible effects CBD Oil can have on chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, insomnia and depression and we think that this gift from Mother Nature should be accessible for everyone. 

Powered by plants, our products are the natural solution with fewer side effects and often better results than pharmaceutical drugs. It’s no wonder millions of people are turning to CBD Oil to help them thrive. 

See the power of our targeted and effective CBD Oil products for yourself.  They’re not just for the mind and body.  They’re for the soul.

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